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March for Jesus Draws a Crowd in Brazil

The 32nd edition of the March for Jesus gathered millions of people in the streets of São Paulo's capital on Thursday, May 30th, a Corpus Christi holiday. This year's theme was "Double Honor," referencing Isaiah 61:7.

The march started from the Luz Metro station at 10 AM and headed towards the Heroes of the Brazilian Expeditionary Force Square near Campo de Marte.

This year, eight electric trio trucks animated the 3.5 km route, with the participation of 17,250 caravans—the highest number in the event's history.

Over 3,500 volunteers were involved in organizing the March for Jesus. They were divided into 60 different coordination teams, covering all the needs of this mega event, including security, health, cleaning, logistics, communication, sound, intercession, and more.

The march began with an opening prayer by Apostle Estevam Hernandes, president of March for Jesus in Brazil. On their knees, everyone consecrated the march and prayed the Lord's Prayer.

He also raised a great cry for the country, for families, for the victims of floods in Rio Grande do Sul, and for the prayer requests participants placed in their shoes.

"Let us declare together that Brazil belongs to the Lord Jesus! Let us bless our nation," said the Renascer leader.

Children marched for Jesus with their own trio truck. The organization also provided small trains for the comfort of the little ones. The duo Patati Patatá entertained the route.

For safety reasons, a specialized team created a cordon around the participants throughout the route. Everyone was accompanied by a responsible adult.

The March for Jesus route was marked by praises and prayers. The main trio truck was led by Apostle Estevam Hernandes, who also welcomed political authorities and Christian leaders, such as Apostle Esteban Acosta from Colombia and Pastor Alê from Argentina.

"The March for Jesus is very important because it blesses our city and brings many people here. Today, over 17,000 caravans from various parts of the country came. I am very happy to be here. I love Jesus Christ and I love Brazil!" said Mayor Ricardo Nunes, who attended the event with his wife.

"It is a great joy to see this crowd here at the world's largest Christian event. I am sure everyone will leave here blessed! We are also preparing for the March for Jesus in Sorocaba, which is the largest in São Paulo's interior," declared Mayor Rodrigo Manga.

Bishop Sonia Hernandes, who praised with Renascer Praise during the route, was moved when speaking about the more than 30-year history of the March for Jesus: "This is an environment of miracles if you truly believe. We are here declaring that the Lord is powerful to do infinitely more. What happens here is truly very strong. There is no prayer request that God has not answered for me. It has been more than three decades of marching, but no March is the same as another!"

"We march for Jesus, for hope, for peace, for love of neighbor, for our nation, because we believe in the transformative power of Christ's name!" added Bishop Fernanda Hernandes Rasmussen.

"I have never missed a March for Jesus because this event is for the Lord. We are here because one day Jesus marched for us to the cross!" declared Pastor Jabes de Alencar.

During the route towards the Heroes of the Brazilian Expeditionary Force Square, 550 intercessors positioned themselves to bless the participants.

For everyone's safety, the March for Jesus featured emergency care tents at the sides of the stage, 500 civil firefighters and health agents, 21 ambulances, and 8 mobile ICUs spread along the route. Hydration points were also available. Throughout the route, Sabesp distributed water to participants.


At the arrival site, a mega sound and light structure was set up, which hosted major representatives of national gospel music throughout the event, including Renascer Praise, Thalles Roberto, Aline Barros, Lukas Agustinho, Isadora Pompeo, Bruna Karla, Cassiane, Ton Carfi, Midian Lima, Theo Rubia, Gabriel Asaph, Victin, Jefferson & Suellen, Morada, Valesca Mayssa, Maria Pita, and Zoe Dance.

The artists were introduced by well-known public figures, such as presenter Marcão do Povo.

In between the performances, Apostle Estevam Hernandes called all participating evangelical leaders and political authorities to the stage.

"I am very happy to be at this great event of worship to the Lord and moved by this event happening here in the State of São Paulo. God chose us to be here. São Paulo belongs to the Lord Jesus! We cannot go anywhere without God's mercy and wisdom. He guides us," declared Governor Tarcísio de Freitas.

"Our walk requires focus, perseverance, and determination. God wants us to persevere in principles, in values, knowing that God will move circumstances, and the purpose will be fulfilled. God will use you for the return of Jesus, for the consummation of the Kingdom. This year's March for Jesus gave me the certainty that we are living a turning point!" said STF Minister André Mendonça in an interview with Rede Gospel de Televisão.

Still at the gathering, Apostle Estevam Hernandes delivered a message of reflection to the public and raised a great cry for persecuted churches.

"Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord. Here in Brazil, we have the freedom to preach the Gospel, but there are countries that forbid and punish it. We need to pray for the persecuted church, for the suffering church, for our brothers who are persecuted for confessing that Jesus is Lord. Even if hell rises, nothing can stop the Gospel from reaching the four corners of the Earth!" declared the Renascer leader.

He also raffled a travel package to Israel, a church renovation, and a power trio band among all registered caravans.

SOS Rio Grande do Sul


To help families affected by the floods that devastated Rio Grande do Sul, the March for Jesus route had donation collection points for clothes, non-perishable food, personal hygiene items, and water.

So far, in partnership with the Renascer in Christ Church, more than 180 tons of food have been sent to our southern brothers.


Accessibility is one of the March's Flags

The March for Jesus has thousands of volunteers divided into various coordination teams, one of which, the PcD, is responsible for assisting people with physical disabilities during the event.


This year, they could count on the support of SPTrans's Atende+ service, which provided dozens of vans responsible for picking them up at the Tietê station and taking them to the gathering point.

In a reserved area in front of the stage, they had a privileged view of the musical performances.

The deaf were accompanied throughout the event—from the walk to the last performance—by sign language interpreters (Libras).

Coverage and Broadcast

The March for Jesus was broadcast in real-time through its official stations, Rede Gospel de Televisão and Rádio Gospel FM, and their respective apps.

Internet users worldwide could also follow the event in real-time on the March for Jesus website and social media.

Brief History of the March for Jesus

In 1993, the March for Jesus arrived in Brazil through Apostle Estevam, the president of the March in the country, when the first edition of the event took place in São Paulo. That year, the March started from Paulista Avenue, went down Brigadeiro Luís Antônio Avenue, and arrived at Anhangabaú for the gathering. More than 200,000 people participated in the demonstration, exceeding all expectations.

Six years later, about 10 million people from more than 170 countries marched to celebrate the name of Jesus Christ. Citizens of various religions, ages, and races took to the streets in countries such as Argentina, Canada, Colombia, Cuba, the USA, Finland, France, Italy, Japan, Mozambique, Russia, and Israel.

Official Event

The March for Jesus has been part of the country's official calendar since September 2009, when Federal Law 12.025 was enacted.

In São Paulo, the event is supported by the São Paulo City Hall, Traffic Engineering Company (CET), SPTrans/ATENDE, São Paulo Tourism, and Military Police.


March for Jesus




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